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This conference is mainly intended as a place to exchange and discuss the important questions on complex systems.
The presentations are not restricted to novel results: well-thought synthesis work or work-in-progress contributions are also welcome.

Call for Papers

Complex systems are pervasive in many fields of science and we encounter them everyday and everywhere in our life. Their examples include financial markets, highway transportation networks, telecommunication networks, human economies, social networks, immunological systems, ant colonies, ect. The key feature of a complex system is that it is composed of large number of interconnected and interacting entities exhibiting much richer dynamical properties on global scale than they could be inferred from the properties and behaviours of its individual entities. Complex systems are studied in many areas of natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and mathematical sciences. The integral part of these interdisciplinary studies forms discrete modeling. These models can be seen as the simplest laboratories to study phenomena exhibited by complex systems like self-organization processes, pattern formation, cooperation, adaptation, competition, attractors, or multi-scaling phenomena. The objective of this conference is to bring researchers working on discrete modeling of complex systems and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and presentation of results of their research in the areas of methodology and application.

We cordially invite prospective authors to submit an abstract for presentation of their research at SOLSTICE 2010. The SOLSTICE 2010 topics include, but are not limited, to the following:
  • Biology and discrete modelling
  • Discrete models of complex man made systems
  • Discrete models of complex social systems
  • Tools of analysis and simulation for discrete complex systems


Please send us an abstract or short papers should be formatted in PDF with the style of your choice.
Contact : N. Fatès fates@loria.fr and D. Makowiec fizdm@univ.gda.pl

The submission of abstracts is open until: Sunday, May 30, 2010.
Notifications should be given within a few days.

The organizers plan to publish refereed proceedings after the conference.
Click here to see the last year's proceedings. Click here to see last year's program.

Last Update : Apr. 2010